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The Way the Express-Test Works

The way of applying and doses of immunological express-test for cows springing and barrenness diagnostics.

1. Getting animal urine.

Urination at getting urine is caused reflexively by massage method.

Urine tests (volume of 100 ml) are collected into clean bottles, then they are poured out into sterile test-tubes and closed with rubber corks.

The label with inventory animal number and the date of its insemination is sticked on each test-tube.

For diagnostic research the urine is taken once in the morning before animal feeding.

2. Reaction arrangement.

5 ml of the investigating urine is poured into the test-tube with the volume not less than 10 ml. Then a test-stripe is put into the investigating material or pour 3-4 drops of test-reagent.

The content of the test-tube is stirred with rotating movement until it homogeneous coloration into orange color (10-15 sec).

Then the probes are endured at room temperature within 15 minutes (in earlier springing period and in doubtful cases not more than 1 hour).

3. Reaction accounting.

Reaction accounting performs visually.

Positive reaction – the content of the probe is colored into violet color, and then goes on the abundant precipitation of lilac or violet color with clarification of supernatant fluid.

Negative reaction – the content of the probe keeps the initial orange color and homogenic consistence (photo 1…7).

The results of immunologic express-diagnostics are compared with the data of registry book of artificial insemination and accouchement with the data of rectal investigation.

Photo 1. The probes of investigated urine
(left probe- the urine of barrenness cow, right probe – springing cow)

Photo 2. Reagent application.

Photo 3. The probe content
before mixing.

Photo 4. The probe content
after mixing.

Photo 5. Reaction accounting
in 15 minute time.

Photo 6. Reaction accounting
in 40 minute time.

Photo 7. Reaction accounting
in 1 hour time.




Here you can buy the immunologic express-test for springing and barrenness of domestic cattle (ТУ 9388-002-87749850-2012)

The immunologic express-test for accelerated diagnostics of springing and barrenness of domestic cattle on the early stages.

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